Zoe Bulaitis: University of Exeter

Zoe Bulaitis is a PhD Candidate at the University of Exeter working in the field of Literary Criticism and Theory, where she also has a BA and MA in English Literature with a specialism in Criticism and Theory. Her PhD thesis focuses on Higher Education Policy and the Humanities, understanding 'Value' in the Neo-Liberal Market, and the history of the discipline of English Literature in Britain, by focusing on the critical writings of Matthew Arnold, alongside contemporary thinkers on education such as Martha Nussbaum and Stefan Collini. Aside from her PhD, Zoe works part time at the University of Exeter Arts and Culture Department where she is developing a public arts programme from within the University. This project has helped to inform her opinions on the values of a humanistic education (For more details see www.artsandcultureexeter.co.uk). Zoe’s other research interests include the representation of the academic or educator in popular culture and she bridges her own research with popular culture in her blog (http://zoebulaitis.blogspot.co.uk). As we go to press, she is currently travelling the world while teaching World Literature to undergraduates on board a ship as part of The Semester at Sea programme sponsored by the University of Virginia (http://www.semesteratsea.org).

To view and download Zoe's paper 'Conversation, Clamour and Controversy: What We Might Learn from the Two Cultures Debates Today' from Adobe Acrobat go here.

Critical Practice