New peer reviewers and editorial staff from multiple universities worldwide are sought for Issue 4
Perspectives on the Oceans
Academics, post-docs. and PhD researchers may apply to join the peer-review panel. Academic staff, postgraduate students of MA level and above including post-docs. may apply for a position in the editorial team.
Email the General Editor to apply.

Peer-Review Process

The Dovetail peer-review panel members are at the forefront of creative and critical practice research and teaching across fields within the Arts & Humanities, expanding the scope of the journal to include all periods, genres and areas of expertise within literature, film, music, visual art, theatre, culture, performance based industries and new media. Multiple universities from the UK, Europe and at an international level, are currently supporting the exciting cross-disciplinary research at The Dovetail.

All submitted papers or work to The Dovetail are reviewed by qualified academic staff from the peer-review panel list. All reviews are blind: the name and details of the reviewer and potential contributor are unknown to either. If a guest peer-reviewer or editor is invited to report on a paper or created work, this will be acknowledged in the published issue. If editorial staff or panel members submit work, the process of submission will be anonymous, the same as the blind review, to ensure objectivity during the peer-review process. Wherever possible papers and work will be viewed by two peer-reviewers or more from the panel. If under exceptional circumstances a blind review is impossible for a particular paper this will be stated in the final publication.

The Dovetail guide for peer-review can be found here.

The publishing structure for The Dovetail can be viewed here.

In addition please read and be acquainted with the COPE peer-review

guidelines here. The Dovetail expects the COPE guidelines to be
upheld by peer-reviewers.
We, at The Dovetail provide a route for postgraduates, postgraduate alumni and PhD holders, to publish new cross-disciplinary research across the arts, including but not exclusively, poetry, prose, screenwriting, plays, film, music and other media in both creative and critical practice.

Thanks to the growing number of academic staff from multiple universities and different departments, advisers, support staff and postgraduate students who have offered to work on and continue the publication of The Dovetail for future issues.

Peer-Reviewers - Creative Arts & Media

Professor Kerstin Stutterheim. Bournemouth University, UK, Dep. of Media and Cultural Studies, and University of Applied Sciences, Germany, Dep. of Game Design.

    Film, media, theatre, television

    Film practice


    Cross-media storytelling

    Narration for games

    Aesthetics, narration, dramaturgy

Dr. Craig Batty. RMIT University. Australia. Dep. of Media and Communication.  

   Screenwriting practice

   Screenwriting theory

   Screenwriting pedagogy

   Narrative structure;


   Screen characters

   Film and emotional experience

   Fact and fiction in film and TV

   TV drama

   Creative writing, media writing, professional writing

Professor Edward A. Ortiz. Sacramento State University. USA. Department of Communication Studies, Journalism & Film. 

   Short film and feature film screenwriting practice

   Television screenwriting practice

   Documentary and non-narrative screenwriting  


Dr. Cristina Formenti. The University of Milan. Italy. Dep. of Culture and Environment, Film Studies.





Dr. Stefano Baschiera. Queen's University Belfast. School of Creative Arts – Film. Journal Advisery Board.

   Screenwriting practice and theory

   Film studies

   World cinema

   Italian cinema

Alexandra Kapka. Queen's University Belfast.

School of Creative Arts – Film. (PhD candidate).

   East European body horror

   Distribution and UK film audiences

Dr. Declan Keeney. Queen's University Belfast.

School of Creative Arts – Film.



   Film Studies

Professor Cahal McLaughlin. Queen’s University Belfast. School of Creative Arts – Film.

   Documentary practice

   Art documentary

   Northern Ireland Prison Memory Political Archives

David Grant. Queen's University Belfast. School of Creative Arts - Theatre.

   Image Theatre and Augusto Boal

   Applied drama

   Irish theatre

   Acting and directing

   Theory and practice of theatre

Dr. Kurt Taroff. Queen's University Belfast. School of Creative Arts – Theatre.

   Community theatre and First World War

   Adaptation and translation in theatre


   American theatre

   Political theatre

   Theatre and cognition

   Virtual reality theatre

Dr. Aoife McGrath. Queen's University Belfast. School of Creative Arts - Theatre.

   Dance and movement

   Theatre Studies and practice

   Devising and collaborative practice



Kate Lawrence. Bangor University. School of Creative Studies and Media - Theatre (PhD candidate).

   Dance and choreography



Dr. Branwen Davies. Aberystwyth University. Wales. Department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies - Theatre.

  Writing and performance

  New writing for theatre

  Contemporary British theatre

  Theatre studies

Professor Christian Thomas Leitmeir. Oxford University. Magdalen College. Faculty of Music.

  Sacred music- liturgy, devotion and theology

  Musical notation - theory, composition and theology

  Interplay of music, words and images

  Philology of editing

  Historiography of music

Dr. Andrew Lewis. Bangor University. School of Creative Studies and Media – Music.

  Electroacoustic music

  Music composition

  Music - acoustic, chamber, vocal, orchestra

  Music - interactive media, video, installation,

  Music - computers

Dr. John Cunningham. Bangor University. School of Creative Studies and Media – Music

  Secular music from 1600 to 1799

  Compositional processes

  English consort music from 1600 to 1699

  Music and cultural history

  Music in Ireland

  Music and drama in early modern England

  Source studies and editing

Dr. Jochen Eisentraut. Bangor University. School of Creative Studies and Media - Music.

  Musical accessibility

  Cultural reception and consumption

  Meaning and transplanted music

  Film and cultural change

  Brazilian music and culture

Katherine Betteridge. Bangor University, School of   Creative Studies and Media - Music (PhD candidate).

  Acoustic and electronic music composition

  Experimental techniques for acoustic instruments

  World music

  Nature and ‘supernature’









Peer-Reviewers - Creative Arts & Media

Andrew Smith. Bangor University. School

of Creative Studies and Media – Visual Art.



    Visual art


Dr. Karen Heald. Bangor University. School

of Creative Studies and Media – Visual Art.

    Artists' moving image 

    Arts and science collaborations
    Contemporary visual art 
    Gilles Deleuze
    Julia Kristeva
    Painting and film

Peer-Reviewers - School of Welsh

Dr. Aled Llion Jones. Bangor University. School of Welsh.




Peer-Reviewers - Modern Languages & Cultures

Dr. Jonathan Ervine. Bangor University. School

Of Modern Languages and Cultures.

    French cinema, language, politics and sport

    French culture, society and the limits of humour

Dr. Anna Saunders. Bangor University. School

   of Modern Languages and Cultures.

   German identity, memory, language, contemporary

   society and culture

   German society, East Germany and the history of 

   the GDR

Dr. Emily T. Troscianko. Oxford University. Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages.

   Cognitive literary studies
   Medical humanities (esp. mental health)
   Mental imagery and imagination
   Modernism (esp. German)
   Reader response
   Scientific/empirical study of literature



Peer-Reviewers - School of English

Dr. Michael Pierse. Queen’s University Belfast. School of English.

   Irish literature &:

   Working class writing and cultural production

   Multi-disciplinary themes and international contexts


   Digital methodologies

   Public humanities

  Theatre as research

Dr. Catherine Gander. Queen’s University Belfast. School of English.

   Modern and contemporary American literature

   Visual culture

   Word and image

Dr. Brendan O’Connell. Trinity College Dublin. 

School of English.

    Medieval Literature and Renaissance romance

    Medieval poetics

    Medieval language and culture

    Medieval fairy tale

Professor Raluca Radulescu. Bangor University. School of English Literature.

    Arthurian literature

    Medieval literature

    Medieval identity and visual representation

    Manuscripts and printed books

    Codicology of the book

Dr. DeAnn Bell. Bangor University. School of English Literature.

   Creative writing: prose, nonfiction, poetry,

   short fiction and the novel

   Creating narratives

   Gothic literature and film

   Transformative writing

   Graphic Novel

   Superheroes and canonical concerns

Dr. Rebecca Ann Butler. Nottingham Trent University. School of English Literature.

  18th-19th c. women’s writing

   Marginalised authors

   Travel writing

   History of the book

Dr. Andrew Webb. Bangor University. School of English Literature.

    19th century and contemporary English literature

    Welsh and modernist Welsh writing in English

    Scottish, Irish. English and Welsh literature

    Gender and literature

    Environment and literature

Dr. Sam Rogers. Bangor University. School of English Literature.

    Ecocriticism and poetry

    Contemporary poetry

Andrew Jeffrey. Sheffield Hallam University. Dep. of English, (PhD candidate).

    Experimental poetry

    Human and animal representations

    Animal poetics

Dr. Zoë Skoulding. Bangor University. School of English Literature.

    Body, place, identity, experience and poetry

    Women poets, the city and built environment

    Poetry and language

Journal Advisers

Dr. Stefano Baschiera
Dr. Anna Saunders
Professor Raluca Radulescu
Dr. Declan Keeney

Editorial Team

General Editor: Alison Stewart

Welsh Language Editors: Dr. Aled Llion Jones

                                         Dr. Siôn Aled Owen

Assistant Editor: Isra’a Khlaif Fadel Alqallab


Editorial Team: Marco Manis

                         Jamie Alcock

                         Alys Conran

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