Mike Rose-Steel: University of Exeter

Mike Rose-Steel is currently battling an AHRC funded PhD on the subject of Wittgenstein, Poetry and the Inexpressible at the University of Exeter. Research interests include contemporary poetry, animal rights and consciousness, techniques of mysticism, philosophy of language, aesthetics as ethics and Wittgenstein. He teaches undergraduate creative writing and critical-theory modules, and runs reading groups on David Foster Wallace and Heidegger. He has lectured on Pseudo-Dionysius and the ineffable, the logic of jokes, and the dangers of poetry. Previous study has included MAs in Writing and Continental Philosophy, and a BA in philosophy (all undertaken at the University of Warwick). Mike’s poetry has been published by Heaventree Press, The Clearing and The Broadsheet. His submission in this issue of The Dovetail is his first venture into something more prose-like. With his writing collective ‘Exegesis’ Mike has produced installations, publications and a film, including Fifty-one Shades of Black and Blue, The Wittgenstein Vector, and a First World War centenary community writing project, The Long Goodbye.  His current projects include tweeting a modern English translation of the mediaeval French poem the Roman de la Rose with Tamsyn Rose-Steel at the Johns Hopkins Rose Digital Library (@RosDigLib  #roserom), an ekphrastic collaboration with poets Isabel Galleymore and Wan Wei Hsien,  and a cross-disciplinary colloquium ‘Wiring Wittgenstein’, supported by the Bridging the Gaps fund. Mike lives in Cornwall, where it is often wet. He quite likes Wittgenstein.

To view and download a copy of Mike's paper 'The Mysterious and the Marginal: The Incubation of Poetry Within and About the Occult Wrtings of Sir John Grantner' from Adobe Acrobat, go here.

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