Phenomenology, Literature, Creative Arts & Media, The Dovetail Journal, Issue 2, Autumn 2016

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Editorial: Towards a Fuller Knowledge
by Alison Metoudi

Re-reading the Past and the Desire to Construct Identity in King Horn:
A Freudian Perspective
by Israa K.F. Alqallab

Presence: An Existential Humanistic Analysis of Bodymind Unity in The Graduate
by Peter Lederer

Colour Affect and the Screenplay: A Prototype for Research-led Practice
Unspoken Colours: An Experimental Screenplay
Colours of a Nonsense Song: An Experimental Animation
by Alison Metoudi

Poeni am eich Cof?
by Jason O'Rourke

Rusty's Poem: Adventures in the Outlands of Lexical Furriness
by Joe T. Shooman

Fairy Pictures: The Elusive Images of Lewis Carroll
by Sasha Patkin

Phenomenological Bridge Building: Between Empathy and Archetypes in Fiction and Reality
by Kevin Stevenson

Re-envisioning Democracy: Walt Whitman and the Erotics of Touch
by Jeremy Sorgen

Deriving an "Aesthetic of Intersection" by a Reframing of Schopenhauer's Two Methods of Consideration
by Tulika Bahadur