Georgie Lorimer: Aberystwyth University

Georgie Lorimer is currently working on a practice based PhD at Aberystwyth University, exploring the musicality of language and the creation of a more musically aware poetry. This includes an explorative return to the performative techniques of epic and balladic traditions, alongside the stylistic endeavours of mediaeval Romances, rejuvenated through a contemporary view of poetry and heavily influenced by the arcing development of Western classical music. Prior to moving to Aberystwyth, he obtained a BA in Music and Creative Writing, as well as a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing at Bangor University supported by an AHRC studentship. He graduated from Bangor with Distinction in 2013 and was awarded a Danby Prize by the English department. Georgie’s recent research papers and essay titles include ‘“What is Truth?” - Capturing History, Creating Myth’, ‘Reading Sound’, and ‘Somewhere Beyond Literature: Words in Limbo - Composing Poetry as Music’. His poetry has previously appeared in the online magazine Cadaverine, and in The Coffee House. Within this academic year he has been part of a Ty Cerdd commission for Narberth A Cappella Voice Festival, creating the libretto and performing as the soloist for Mason’s ‘The First Dance’ from the a cappella ballet Pramantha, and has had several musical works premiered by Aberystwyth’s Elizabethan Madrigal Singers.
To view and download a copy of Georgie's poem, 'The Fernery' from Adobe Acrobat go here.
To view and download a copy of Georgie's poem, 'Unction' from Adobe Acrobat go here.

Creative Practice