Issue 1, Acknowledgements

Contributors featured in our inaugural issue of The Dovetail include Zoe Bulaitis, Georgie Lorimer, Ann Loveridge, Mike Rose-Steel, and Daniel Shelley-Smith.
We congratulate and thank our contributors for their efforts and patience.
Thanks and congratulations also go to journal staff, academic staff and technical support staff who worked to launch the first issue.

The Dovetail, Issue 1, Journal Staff:

  • Rebecca Butler - General Editor
  • Joan Travers Simon
  • Jamie Alcock 
  • Ambra Finotello
  • Daisy Le Helloco

The Dovetail, Issue 1 Reviewers, Supporters and Advisers:

  • Professor Raluca Radulescu - journal instigator.
  • Dr. ZoĆ« Skoulding
  • Dr. Kachi Ozumba
  • Professor Andrew Hisock
  • Dr. Stephen Colclough
  • Dr. Samuel Rogers
  • Dr. DeAnn Bell
  • Sam Foster
  • Myfyr Prys