The Dovetail journal was originally a postgraduate initiative in the School of English Literature at Bangor University, which was brought into being under the founding editorship of Rebecca Butler. The second issue, Phenomenology, Literature, Creative Arts and Media has evolved under the editorial guidance of Alison Metoudi (General Editor from October 2015). The aim of the journal is to span more fields across creative arts, including music, art, film, theatre and screenwriting, and as such to continue with a vision of cross-disciplinary integration across the Arts and Humanities, currently linking with peers from different international universities across the UK, Europe, Australia and the US. The current edition is supported by the following postgraduates; Alison Metoudi, Alys Conran, Isra'a Khlaif Fadel Alqalab, Matthias Wurz, Logan Labrune, Homan Yousofi, Neslihan Onder Ozdemir, Ewgene Rosario Templonuevo, Marco Manis and Jamie Alcock. Academic staff who supported issue 2 are from various universities across the UK, Australia, Europe and the US. These are; Professor Raluca Radulescu, Dr. Siôn Aled Owen and Dr. Aled Llion Jones (Welsh Editors), Professor Kerstin Stutterheim, Dr. Craig Batty, Professor Edward A. Ortiz, Dr. Cristina Formenti, Dr. Stefano Baschiera, Dr. Jamie Sherry, Dr. Lyle Skains, John Finnegan, Dr. Declan Keeney, Alexandra Kapka, David Grant, Dr. Kurt Taroff, Dr. Aoife Mc Grath, Kate Lawrence, Dr. Branwen Davies, Professor Christian Thomas Leitmeir, Dr. Andrew Lewis, Dr. John Cunningham, Dr. Hana Vlhová-Wöerner, Dr. Jochen Eisentraut, Katherine Betteridge, Andrew Smith, Dr. Karen Heald, Dr. Jonathan Ervine, Dr. Anna Saunders, Clara Cotroneo, Dr. Emily Troscianko, Dr. Brendan O’Connell, Dr. K. DeAnn Bell, Dr. Andrew Webb, Dr. Samuel Rogers, Andrew Jeffrey and Dr. Zoë Skoulding. IT support continues to be offered by Sam Foster. The journal aims to continue to expand in scope and reach into the future inviting academics and postgraduates across Arts and Humanities from multiple universities in the UK and beyond to join the team. Thanks go to all staff and researchers at Bangor University and beyond, without whom it would have been impossible to go forward.

The journal was instigated by Professor Raluca Radulescu who envisioned a cross-disciplinary journal as far back as 2010. The first issue was published in December 2014, with the help of academic staff and postgraduates from the School of English Literature. Rebecca Butler, produced the inaugural issue 'Science and Literature', completing her role as General Editor by the start of the new academic term in October 2015. The Dovetail: Issue 1, was supported by the following postgraduates; Rebecca Butler, Joan Travers Simon, Jamie Alcock, Ambra Finotello, Daisy Le Helloco. Academic staff who supported the first issue were; Professor Raluca Radulescu, Dr. Zoë Skoulding, Dr. Kachi Ozumba, Professor Andrew Hiscock, Dr. Stephen Colclough who sadly passed away in October 2015, Dr. Samuel Rogers, Sam Foster (IT), Myfyr Prys and Dr. DeAnn Bell.

Thanks go to staff and postgraduates who as forerunners, discussed, promoted and prepared a prototype website for The Dovetail in 2010, prior to the inaugural publication later in 2014. These are Dr. Anastasija Ropa, Dr. Majed Kraishan, Matthew MacLeod, Dr. Samuel Rogers, Tom Dewhurst and Zoé Perrenoud.